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Prince Johnni
29 June
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My heritage isnt important.... what i do from day to day is :) isnt that why your reading this?

I am spiritual but not religious with a dash of Buddhist.
I am an easy going aussie guy who loves everything..... or is that everyone? hehehe.

if youd like to know my journal :) thats what its there for...aswell as being a means for me to pour out how i feel or do silly lil quizzes.... and keep in contact with universal friends :)

Please note however that these days it is Mostly friends only.... i have left a lot in public view so if you aren't yet on my friends list and want to know some more about me ....feel free to read parts of my past that are unvieled to you!

My other Journal (which is in use when im on holidays) is johnnizholidays last updated while holidaying in USA/Canada.

communities i moderate which seem to be dead these days include:


please also look at my Deviant gallery

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...Prince Johnni / Bluehawk...